Glamour Gems

Role: Lead/Senior developer
Match-3/Dress up (undress depending on perspective?) with JRPG elements
Technologies: HTML5 (LimeJS + custom framework extensions), PhoneGap
Platforms: Web (+Facebook), iOS, Android
Nominations: Dutch Game Awards – Best browser game, Best Mobile Game, Best technical achievement
Technical achievements: complex ui (dressing room), online friend/trading system, responsive design (single code base for all platforms), IAP, evolution system (3-stage pokemon-style evolution fashion items), loading (2500+ fashion items), hybrid app development, localization into multiple languages and even a Japanese culturally localized version, Anti-cheating system.

Unfortunately the full version is no longer online… play the dressed down version below.

Play the Japanese culturally localized version here. The artwork was reincarnated in various Stella’s dress up games: 12345.